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Bring Zoie Home

Last Friday our ITEMP team worked all day in tight coordination with the Detroit Police Department on a kidnapped child human trafficking case. Our office received a call from an officer in their department asking for resources to get a kidnapped child home. She went on to explain that Zoie Jackson, 5, was taken from her school by her mentally ill mother, who does not have custody, while her father was in surgery.Zoie Jackson Returns

Over the next couple of days Zoie's mother drove 1,300 miles to Texas attempting to cross the border to Mexico, but was apprehended by authorities before she could complete her plan. Zoie was put in the hands of Child Protective Services and spent days without her father. Desperate for resources, the Detroit Police Department reached out to ITEMP asking for help.

We immediately knew we wanted to bring Zoie Jackson home to her family. This time around fast action brought great results and Zoie was reunited with her father and grandmother! Now we need your help. Please click here to DONATE NOW to fund Zoie Jackson's reunion. Even small donations will help to defer the cost.

Thank your so much for your support of Zoie Jackson and her family. Your contributions, prayers, and support make it possible for us to continue to help children like Zoie.

To see Zoie reunion with her family check out the heart-warming story by WXYZ Action News, click here.

The Robert and Joan Scheel Holiday Match

Bob and Joan ScheelTwo of our most generous supporters, Robert and Joan Scheel, inspired by the fire so many of you have shown this Christmas Season in your support for the children and programs of The GOD’S CHILD Project, are matching up to $150,000 in last-minute donations.

You would put $25 into savings if your company would match it another $25, wouldn’t you? Why not do the same with your support for the Project’s 5,000 boys and girls? Today you have that chance.

Double the impact of your love and support.  Please provide the critical contribution right now that makes it possible for the Project to sustain life-changing programs around the world and in the USA.

To make your gift count for this match, please click here. Thank you for making it possible for us to do the work.

Patrick Atkinson, Founder and Executive Director

The Robert and Joan Scheel  Holiday Match Challenge

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Ruby Tuesday Community GiveBack – Bismarck, ND

Join us for Ruby Tuesday’s Community GiveBack Programs this week on December 10, 11 and 12, 2013 in Bismarck, ND at the 3520 State Street location. 20% of your purchase will be given to The GOD’S CHILD Project. Print out this post or download the Ruby Tuesdays GCP Flyer and show to your server! You MUST have the flyer with you for GCP to receive donations. If you do not have access to a printer, stop by GCP Bismarck Office at 721 Memorial Highway to pick up a copy. See you at Ruby’s!


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